SBS covers our flood relief efforts on Bundjalung Country

SBS covers our flood relief efforts on Bundjalung Country

Here are some excerpts from the online story and you can watch the footage on SBS TV News (32min into the show).

Indigenous businesses join forces to feed communities hit hard by NSW floods

Indigenous businesses, Native Foodways and Meat Brothers, are rushing food and supplies to some of the 36,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people impacted by flooding in NSW, including many who have lost their homes still have no access to power or food.

Corey with sausage rolls

Corey Grech is a Kamilaroi man who grew up in Sydney’s Newtown and has spent his career in commercial kitchens, introducing bush food flavours to the broader community.

Through his business, Meat Brothers, he has recently turned his culinary skills towards helping those in need: Indigenous communities in flood-affected northern NSW.

"They are badly affected up there, like nothing I've ever had to deal with in my life," Corey, 40, tells SBS News.

"So this is a small sacrifice and a few heavy days' worth of work. But it’s nothing compared with what they're going through.

This week, Corey was busy loading food into a small white van for the long trip north, carrying 1,500 sausage rolls plus pies and drinks to Lismore.
Lachlan McDaniel and Corey Grech
The delivery is backed by funding from the First Nations owned and led social enterprise, Native Foodways.

"It is catastrophic around Lismore, and looks like an inland tsunami hit," says Native Foodways co-founder Lachlan McDaniel, 36.

"It is difficult to wrap your head around just how damaging this is to a community and how much effort is needed to clean up."

Through its Sydney business contacts, Native Foodways has raised thousands of dollars to finance Corey's food delivery.