Who We Are

Native Foodways is a First Nations owned and led social enterprise collaborating with people from all communities across Australia.

Native Foodways is owned and led by Kubin woman Carla McGrath (Moa Island in the Torres Strait), Pitta Pitta woman Cristilee Houghton, Wiradjuri man Jason Glanville, Wiradjuri man Lachlan McDaniel, and Australian-Hungarian man (born and raised on Gadigal Land) Mickey Kovari.

We work alongside a range of collaborators to strengthen the native food system in a way that is regenerative, culturally respectful, and benefits First Peoples.

We have a growing network of First Nations-led native food farms, kitchens, and marketplaces. We grow, harvest, process, cook, and share native foods with everyone.

Founding directors

Carla McGrath

A proud Torres Strait Islander woman, Carla is a Kubin (Moa Island) descendent whose family call Waiben (Thursday Island) home. Raised on the Australian mainland, Carla retains strong family and community ties to the Torres Strait.

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Cristilee Houghton

Cristilee Houghton is a proud Pitta Pitta woman who was raised in Meanjin (Brisbane).

Cristilee is currently the Head of Indigenous Affairs at Coles (the largest employer of Indigenous people in Australia).

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Jason Glanville

A Wiradjuri man born and raised on Wiradjuri Land, Jason has over the last thirty years worked in a range of leadership roles in the Indigenous sector, State and Federal Governments, and non-government peak organisations. Jason was recently the interim CEO of the GO Foundation.

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Lachlan McDaniel

Lachlan McDaniel belongs to the Kilari Clan of the Wiradjuri Nation. He has been engaged by a range of sectors to assist organisations improve their engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Mickey Kovari

Mickey is an Australian born Magyar man (also known as Hungarian) who was raised on Gadigal Land. He maintains a strong connection to his cultural roots in Eastern Europe while constantly learning about and respecting the First Cultures of the land where he was born and lives. 

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Would you like to collaborate with Native Foodways and with First Nations native food growers?
Get in touch to understand how you can share your land and/or resources to partner with First Nations people and to support native food production. Together we can grow First Nations-led native food agriculture in Australia and strengthen the native food system in a way that is regenerative, culturally respectful, and benefits First Nations people.