What We Do

Native Foodways is a First Nations owned and led social enterprise. We're dedicated to strengthening the native food system in a way that is regenerative, culturally respectful, and benefits First Peoples. 

We sow seeds, cultivate plants, and ethically harvest and share native foods. Drawing on Indigenous Knowledges and collective wisdom we are driving an increase in the regenerative and meaningful cultivation and distribution of native foods in Australia. 

Lemon Myrtle Plantation at Castle Creek
Lemon Myrtle Trees at Castle Creek (Gangurang on Dharawal Country)


Native Foodways is developing collaborations with people and organisations to bring about a native food future. The essence of the enterprise is aligned with a  powerful statement put out by the National Indigenous Bush Foods Symposium. 

We work in collaboration with First Nations communities, native food growers, landowners, philanthropists, restauranteurs, and volunteers. Right now our focus is on:

1. Native Foodways Farms and Kitchen Gardens

We grow native foods, botanicals, and plants in collaboration with regenerative and respectful farmers and gardeners across the country. If you'd like to join our network of native food growers or if you have spare land you'd like to offer First Nations farmers to grow native foods on, please get in touch. If you're a First Nations grower or farmer who'd like to benefit from our support and network, please get in touch. 

We're currently working on a number of farm collaborations including those with Winderong Farm, Rosewood Farm, Winona Farm, and Severn Park Farm. Get in touch to find out more about this project, how you can get involved or how you can buy plants from us. 


Collaborating Farm

Locals working on a collaborating farm in Gangurang (Kangaroo Valley)


2. Native Foodways Kitchens, Catering, and Manufacturing

We cook, bake, and process native foods into tasty value-added food products. We do this in our First Nations-led kitchens, bakeries, and manufacturing facilities  and in collaboration with chefs, foodmakers, and food scientists across the country. So far we have made small batches of Finger Lime Marmalade, Lemon Myrtle Ginger Beer, and Kangaroo Pies. Coming soon are native grain breads and pastries and a range of native ice teas. 

We also provide native food catering in and around Gadigal Country (Sydney). We do native foods such as native pies, muffins, and sandwiches alongside native drinks such as Sparkling Rainforest Plum. Book catering by visiting our catering page. 

If you're a chef or you own a commercial kitchen or food manufacturing facility and you're interested in collaborating with us and the Indigenous cooks, chefs, and bakers we're connected with, please get in touch. If you're an Indigenous chef, baker, or cook interested in working with us and our network, please get in touch

3. Native Foodways Wholesale and Retail Sales and Distribution

We connect First Nations foodmakers directly to ethical eaters and businesses. We sell native foods, botanicals, and plants online through our Pantry and on location at our bakery (Wintergarden, 1 O'Connell Street, Sydney, NSW).

We sell our own Native Foodways products as well as native products developed by collaborating First Nations farmers, food makers, and entrepreneurs. The best way to try and learn about native foods is to buy an introductory Native Foodbox. It has a range of native products that change depending on the season. If you buy a box every new season you'll be take on a culinary journey driven by cultural stories and recipes.

If you're a First Nations producer and you want to sell your native foods through our platform, get in touch

When you buy Native Foodways' products you can be sure you are supporting Indigenous owned and led businesses, directly or indirectly. Your purchase supports First Nations people to practice Culture, heal Country, and nourish Community. 

More products are being added weekly as we build meaningful relationships with First Nations growers, wild harvesters, and producers around the country.

If a product is not directly sourced from an Indigenous producer, then the proceeds from the sale of the product contribute to the establishment of First Nations farms and kitchens that can grow or make that product.

As an example, as far as we know, there are no Indigenous Macadamia farmers. So before we are able to start our own Macadamia farm, or support an Indigenous farmer to start their own; we source from ethical Macadamia farmers that want to engage Indigenous people in the Macadamia industry and ensure they benefit. If you know Indigenous farmers or foodmakers for products we have, please let us know! All products clearly state if they come from a First Nations farmer or foodmaker or not. 

Marketplace images

Native Foods for sale in our online marketplace


4. Native Foodways Narratives and Stories

We are working to raise awareness and understanding of native foods across Australia. We are creating and sharing stories of native foods and how they can be a regenerative, healthy, and meaningful ingredient in everyday meals. We want to contribute to a narrative about the potential of native foods to be a tasty, healthy, local, and sustainable staple. Content is currently in development, to see native food stories follow the hashtag #nativefoodfuture on Instagram

News articles on native foods


5. Native Foodways Communities and Networks

We are growing a community of people who are interested in protecting, managing, growing, cooking, and eating native foods in a way that is regenerative, culturally respectful, and benefits First Peoples. Join our community-network by signing up to our newsletter to stay in the loop (bottom of this page) and share your native food stories with others using the hashtag #nativefoodfuture. Together we are developing a range of local, regional, and national initiatives that sustainability collect native seeds, grow native seedlings, harvest native crops, cook native ingredients, and share native meals. Together we can grow a native food future where First Peoples benefit from the native food system and everything is done in a regenerative and culturally respectful way. Got ideas? Get involved and get in touch


Community members trying to catch a duck
Community-Network members trying to catch a duck on a collaborating farm

Native Foodways is a First Nations owned and led social enterprise collaborating with people from all communities across Australia.

Native Foodways is owned and led by Kubin woman Carla McGrath (Moa Island in the Torres Strait), Pitta Pitta woman Cristilee Houghton, Wiradjuri man Jason Glanville, Wiradjuri man Lachlan McDaniel, and Australian-Hungarian man (born and raised on Gadigal Land) Mickey Kovari.

We work alongside a range of collaborators to strengthen the native food system in a way that is regenerative, culturally respectful, and benefits First Peoples.

We have a growing network of First Nations-led native food farms, kitchens, and marketplaces. We grow, harevst, process, cook, and share native foods with everyone.