Native Foodways provides landholder and farmer support services and capacity building. 

Native Cropping on a Farm we support on Dharawal Country

Native Cropping on a Farm we collaborate with and support on Dharawal Country

We support landholders and farmers to develop native food and botanical farms that regenerate the land and repair nature.

We do this through genuine partnerships with local First Nations people and communities. These partnerships centre First Peoples and their ways of knowing, doing, and being. They utilise Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and they respect Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property.  These collaborations have meaningful benefit sharing built into them from the start.

Our support and programs focus on First Nations led sustainable and regenerative agriculture that repairs and protects nature (what we call healing and caring for Country). We work with landholders to build natural capital and increase biodiversity using Indigenous agroecology and insight. 

Native Foodways is currently working with six landholders. We build relationships with local First Nations communities, facilitate land use agreements, support the development of native grazing and cropping plans, and write and pitch proposals to raise funds for collaborative Indigenous-led farm projects. 

Are you a landholder or farmer interested in engaging with the local First Nations people and communities? Are you interested in developing a farm plan that can regenerate the land and repair nature? If so, please get in touch by emailing us more details about who you are and what your current plans are. 

By working with Native Foodways, we can support you to:

  • engage meaningfully and respectfully with local First Nations communities;
  • develop native grazing and cropping plans using Indigenous Ecological Knowledge;
  • develop farm plans that increase natural capital and biodiversity;
  • implement farm programs that lead to measurable regeneration, carbon capture, and nature repair (and can thus benefit from the carbon and nature repair markets);
  • run a profitable and ethical farm that achieves economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes. 

Get in touch with us now via email or the chat button below.