Farmer/Landowner and Local First Nations Engagement Service

We offer a service where we work with farmers/landowners and First Nations communities to build relationships, facilitate agreements, and raise funding for collaborative Indigenous-led on-farm projects. Get in touch with us to find out more. We're currently working on projects with the Dharawal Community and farmers (at Winderong Farm and Rosewood Farm) in Gangurang on Dharawal Country (Kangaroo Valley, South Coast, NSW). These collaborations have lead to over 1,000 native crop plants to be planted for the benefit of local community. 


First Nations Cultural and Native Food Experiences

We work with First Nations knowledge holders, cultural guides, and chefs to create meaningful experiences, share powerful stories, and taste delicious native foods. Get in touch to book your custom experience today.


First Nations Strategy and Native Foods Consulting

Get in touch about how native foods can form an integral part of your organisation's Indigenous Strategy, Decolonisation Strategy, Reconciliation Action Plan, Corporate Social Responsibility Plan or Environment, Social, and Governance Plan. We can show you how native foods can support your company to achieve social, cultural, and environmental outcomes while boosting employee engagement and retention. Partner with us and play a meaningful role in supporting First Nations people to practice  Culture, heal Country, and nourish Community. 


Native Plant Growing Services

With our partners at Wamida, we are establishing the Blak Cede Nursery at Gangurang on Dharawal Country (Kangaroo Valley, South Coast, NSW).

This nursery is building its capacity to grow thousands of native plants from seed. We are growing a range of native species including Native Sarsaparilla and Native Saltbush for food production. We are growing culturally significant plants for community use and native food plants for the establishment of native food farms.

Please get in touch via the chat button or by email if you'd like to order wholesale native plants and trees or if you'd like us to contract grow for your next project. We also collaborate with other First Nations nurseries around the country to respond to customers' needs as quickly and effectively as possible. 

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