Bakery Closes Down As New Doors Open Up

Bakery Closes Down As New Doors Open Up

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We have closed our bakery and catering services. 

Having launched and operated the bakery for almost 9 months, we completed its pilot phased are realised it was not going to be viable. This was for a number of reasons, which we'll share in an upcoming lessons learned series here on the blog. 

For now, we are reviewing all our work in the native food space over the past five years. We are developing our new strategy for the next five years. No doubt there will be some new doors opening up for First Nations farmers and foodmakers. 

Massive thanks to all our partners and collaborators who made the bakery and catering service a huge success in our eyes. It might not have been financial viable in a strict commercial sense, but it was creating meaningful and powerful social, cultural, and environmental outcomes. Not to mention delicious high quality native food everyone loved! We have the most incredible bank of feedback and testimonials. Maybe we'll share these over time too. 

For now, huge shout out and thanks to First Australians Capital, Waminda, Gum Tree Foundation, Sustainable Table, Lendlease, UnoxAnouk&CoAlpha NobisBlak Duck Foods, Mecca Coffee, Best Bagel, and AP Bakery

And of course the biggest thanks and love to Corey Grech and the team - Cassidy Watts, Richie Phillips, Lalita Kris, Miah Walker, Gaspar Tse, and Tay Gebien. You are all amazing and it was an incredible experience for all involved while it lasted. 


*The photo is of us a few days before we opened the bakery. Look at the smiles and excitement! We're taking the same energy into what we do next. Look out :)